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Ahtopol Hotels

quiet, laid-back place that offers restful relaxation

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Ahtopol hotels

For those in search of restful relaxation with few distractions, Ahtopol may be the answer. Known to the ancient Greeks as Agatopolis ("City of Happiness"), the town today is a quiet, laid-back place popular with holiday-making Bulgarians, Czechs, Slovaks, Russians and Macedonians. Even the spate of new construction taking place along sea-facing Kraimorska street doesn't diminish the serenity of fishing boats lazily bobbing up and down in the small harbor or pensioners tossing bits of bread to sea gulls in the nearby park.Ahtopol hotels

Ahtopol has a number of trade union rest homes and the town is a popular destination for families who can't afford the higher-priced resorts. Consequently, visitors looking for the nightlife of Primorsko or Sunny Beach won't find it here. A popular gathering spot is the "Yuka" cafe opposite the attractive new post office building. On the cafe's exterior wall is a colorful mural featuring the artist's fanciful rendition of ancient Agatopolis. Another large wall mural (a medium which seems to thrive locally) on Veleka Street details the founding of the First Bulgarian State in 681.

The water tends to be warmer (around 25C) and more placid here, while the prevalence of off-the-beaten-path beaches allows the opportunity for nude bathing. Seven kilometers south of Ahtopol is Cinemorets, the last populated area before the closed border with Turkey.

Do you need hotels or holidays in Ahtopol, Bulgaria? Here you can book cheap hotel in Ahtopol, Bulgaria. Book online apartment, single or double room, studio, suite, 2, 3, 4, star, map. The small town of Ahtopol is situated on the Black sea coast some 90 km south from Burgas. Near Ahtopol are situated the famous Bulgarian resorts Duni Holiday Village, Kiten, Primorsko and Sozopol. The town location on a small peninsula made it peaceful and romantic. The Romans called it Peron-ti-cus. The population of Ahtopol is approx. 1364 inhabitancy. Accommodation: Ahtopol hotels are The Elpida Hotel, the Dolphin Camping Site, the City Hotel, the Cherno More Hotel. There are sufficient numbers of restaurants, cafes and groceries, offering delicious Bulgarian foods and meals, and a lot of sea foods as well. The town of Ahtopol is preferred resort by many holiday's makers, attracting them with clean air, sandy beaches and peaceful nature. This virgin place on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast has so many sunny days during the summer. Prices are still low compare with the rest of the resorts situated on the Black sea coast. The infrastructure is well developed and there are regular buses to surrounding towns. Five kilometres south of Ahtopol is the mouth of well famous exotic the Veleka River. The village of Varvara is 3 km to the north, favourite place for divers because of stone cavities in the river banks and underwater reefs of shells. The village of Sinemorets is 10 km south of Ahtopol. The last village on the south coast is called Rezovo. Travel in Bulgaria. Hotels and Holidays Ahtopol Bulgaria. Find Cheap Hotels Reservations. Book hotel Holiday. Apartments for rent. Hotel Ahtopol. Rent a car. Car hire, rental. Bulgarian Properties. Great deals and bargains.


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